At Drakes we are committed to health and wellness and this means a well-rounded approach. Our team of specialists offer fast and efficient solutions to your fitness goals.





We have a team of qualified and experienced trainers each with a different specialism and approach. We’ll help you find the right one for you who will work with you to set, reach and exceed your goals.












Our resident life coach works with clients to unlock potential and reach new heights in careers, relationships, happiness, training and fitness.


It’s all about getting you to be the best you can be.










Our private Reformer Pilates sessions are targeted and highly effective, designed to maximise results.


We will help you to tone and strengthen your body, improve posture, stability and flexibility, relieve back pain, rehab/recover from an injury.












How could Sports Massage help me?


✓ Relieve pain and accelerate healing of injuries

✓ Improve flexibility and reduce muscular aches

✓ Whole-body relaxation and stress reduction

✓ Enhance recovery and improve performance

✓ Pre- and post-event preparation and recovery










If you’ve struggled with yoyo dieting, if you’ve had success but keep putting weight back on or if traditional diet programs just don’t work for you then we’d recommend talking to us about the Transformation.


This is an 8,  10 or 12 week program that includes multiple PT sessions each week as well as nutritional guidance and life coaching.

By working together as a team with the client at the centre, we get a team of specialists in their field all working for you.


The Transformation really does change lives, we’d love to help you transform yours!






Transformation Package




We work backwards from your wedding day to put together a schedule and help to set achievable goals in the time frame we have. It is important that we work within the framework of your fitting dates if you have them already… especially the final one! Our wedding packages develop over time as your needs change and as your measurements need to stabilize. The ideal start point is 9 months out but of course we don’t have to begin that early! As you get closer to your wedding date, we weave in relaxation and stress management coaching in addition to the physical training. This means that you’re not just physically ready but you’re also mentally and emotionally prepared for the big day (and all of the hard work that is put in organizing that big day).





Wedding Package