1 session 5 sessions 10 sessions £70 £325 (£65/session) £600 (£60/session)
PT Transformation Packages All Transformation packages expire within the specified time frame.
8 weeks (24 sessions) 10 weeks (30 sessions) 12 weeks (36 sessions) £1320 (£55/session) £1575 (£52.5/session) £1800 (£50/session)
Mat Pilates *Small group athletic conditioning classes. Train with your friends. Share the cost and fun. Maximum 3 people.
1 class 5 classes £75 total £350 total
Sports Massage Sports Massage is not just for athletes. It’s a must for those who have busy and stressful city lives too. Sports massage targets the source of the problem, working on the deep tissues of the body to break down fibrous adhesions and scar tissue, and reduce chronic muscle tension.
60 minutes 90 minutes £65 £90