Corporate Wellness. All of our corporate wellness packages are designed around your business, each of the elements can be tailored to fit the needs of your employees and answer your specific business challenges. With our one-to-one consultation service, we can create a bespoke package that increases employee engagement, satisfaction, wellness and retention. What’s more, our team comes to you and we provide all of these services without your employees needing to leave the building! Giving you a tangible and direct return on your investment.
Why? We all know intuitively that a healthy and happy workforce is more effective, more loyal and costs a lot less in sick pay and lost productivity. How? All of our packages include a planning consultant to work with your organization – we recommend a designated contact at your end to ensure the set-up is a smooth and easy process. We work with you to understand what your business challenges are, what your employees need and what is possible within your budget and with the physical space available to you. What? Below is an outline of our most popular packages. Although all of our solutions are bespoke, our clients find it helpful to have an idea of what we offer as it’s easier to visualize than starting with a blank sheet of paper! Wellness Days: Wellness Days are the quickest and least expensive way to get a taste of the positive energy we inject in to your organization. They are 1 day packages and generally consist of the following elements: Planning for Success: How the small things in your day can have a big impact on productivity and mood. 45-minute discussion session. Fitness Assessments: 2 hour window These assessments are conducted by fully qualified Personal Trainers and provide employees with a starting point. Each assessment takes around 10-15 minutes and more than one trainer can be on hand to complete the assessments depending on the number of participants. Pilates or HIIT: 1 hour group exercise session Personal Training: 5x 30 minute express sessions These sessions use body weight and resistance tools (kettlebells, weights, resistance bands etc.) to get a really efficient workout in a short space of time. The number or duration can be altered to fit your needs depending on the space/s available. Life Coaching: 5x 30 minute express sessions These sessions are a great way for people to try out life coaching, and feel and see the benefits for themselves. Sessions are designed to very quickly help clients to identify areas of focus and form a plan for unlocking their potential. As with the personal training sessions, the number or duration of sessions can be altered to fit your company’s needs. Wellness Weeks: Wellness Weeks are one of our most successful packages, they allow employees multiple chances to get involved and mean that even with other work commitments, they can join in. They consist of the elements listed above but also include additional elements such as nutritional advice, stress management, verbal and non-verbal communication and additional group exercise, personal training and life coaching sessions. Wellness Month: Wellness Month is a way to really invest in employees – it takes 3 weeks to form a new habit so providing a month long program can be exactly the opportunity your workforce needs to begin their journey and stay on a healthy path. The elements of a Wellness Week are incorporated with additional sessions across the board allowing employees extra chances to take up the challenge. And Finally… In order to comply with professional standards and our own code of conduct, we have a very strict confidentiality policy. Any and all information gathered either on your company or on participants, remains stored securely by us and is not shared with any other party. At all.